Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspirational Start

Searching, sorting, stressing has been a part of my creative random ways for years. Stacks of books, piles of papers and slips of inspiration that I could never throw away because I might use it one day...or maybe finish it.....or want to share it to inspire someone else. After years of frustration and taking small steps to make my home and life more streamlined, I was hit with the realization of how a blog was designed especially for me. Do you know of another endeavour that once started is never meant to be finished.? A place where you can record precious ideas, thoughts, recipes and not have to search for it when you need it? A place where you can't really be late?

We all go through times in our life when we need encouragement: a word, a thought , an idea that will spark us to try something new... to change... to improve. My hope and prayer through this blog is to "Inspire" you... to inspire the parent who is teaching their child at home or the parent who finds themselves advocating for their child who attends inspire you to persevere through times when you need more than just your own strength to rely on ...and to inspire you to take small steps towards doing something you think would make you or someone you know a better person.

I could not begin this bog without saying thank you to a special person who has inspired me with her blog Notes From the Cookie Jar at ....thanks Karen!


Lost-Child said...

oh I love it already =D....well said...thimble keep at it

Terry said...

Blog on, Sweetheart! W #1.

Camille said...

Welcome to the blog-world! I *love* the template you's wonderful! :)

I am friends with Pippa on fb and found your link there. May the LORD give you the ability to write to encourage others...what a blessing that you desire that.

I enjoyed the way you worded this opening post...what a great beginning. :)

Many blessings,

Bonnie said...

Congratulations! You're off to a great start. Must say your blog template is to die for fabulous. I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday. I'm looking forward to learning more from you and about you.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the encouragement I have been trying to write my life story. Sometimes I wonder and think is it worth it will anybody ever read it. You inspired me to keep going perhaps one day the 5 W's will be glad I did.

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