Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Value in a Story

Inspiration often comes in the form of a story for me. I have a mom who is a gifted speaker/teacher who often passes on valuable truths through the telling of a personal story from her life. And for years I have enjoyed hearing the stories of my heritage that continue to inspire me till this day. So I thought it might be appropriate to tell a bit about story... so you know where I am coming....what I've gone through... and where I'm going.

Of course this is a monumental task so I will take it one blog entry at a time. And no won't be able to check on a certain day for another chapter of my story because this blog is going to be purely random. Why set myself up being late with my blog entry on a certain day? And at the same time the labels will keep it all organized. I love it!

I'm not even going to start with this entry except to say that if you have stories of your life that you are keeping to yourself I will encourage you to share them. If you can't find it in you to write them down than tell them again and again as they did in the past because although you may get teased for repeating the same story it will be only those that you repeated that will be remembered when you are no longer around.

I will probably start my first entry before I came on the scene and the only reason I am able to do this is that while the pages of the journal I gave my Grandma remained empty I took the time to sit by her worn out red plush chair to listen to her tell the stories of her childhood ....her sitting on the ground, eating her meal off a large banana leaf in a far off country......

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