Friday, January 14, 2011

The Terrible Twins

First of all I want to say I love twins, as does my daughter and sons or any "multiple" for that matter. In fact of late we have had the privilege to get to know some in a more personal way and love them dearly .....but these twins are of a different nature.....

It wasn't until a friend of mine called them out and named them that I realized I had really let them take over. They are in the same camp as Thing 1 and Thing 2 of The Cat in the Hat ....reaking havoc not with my house but with my mind...whispering thoughts of "later" and "better" into each ear. Just when I think I've successfully conquered the one who likes to lurk over my computer and whisper "a little later" in one ear when I begin to write a new blog entry ... he summons his partner to come in full force to discourage me with an "it could be a bit better"... even after I've thoughtfully written, carefully edited and reviewed etc and am gathering the courage to press the Publish Post button.

I knew I wanted to start a blog ...I have been blessed in so many ways...and if something I can pass on to others will inspire you and possibly lead to life changing knowledge through this high tech, far-reaching medium I want to do that. But what I didn't realize at the time I started is that "blogging" would be great therapy in my breaking free of the terrible twins called "Procrastination and Perfection." Do they lurk in your house too? And wait.... did I say they didn't reak havoc with my house....oops!

A Thought to Think: My husband probably gave me the best phrase to tell "Perfection" as he recognized that I will probably always see how something could be different , better, more creative and therefore be tempted to delay it or fail to finish it. He encouraged me to say...

"I know I could add, or change or do something different but it's GOOD ENOUGH so just do it ...

1.....2......3.......PUBLISH POST

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Value in a Story

Inspiration often comes in the form of a story for me. I have a mom who is a gifted speaker/teacher who often passes on valuable truths through the telling of a personal story from her life. And for years I have enjoyed hearing the stories of my heritage that continue to inspire me till this day. So I thought it might be appropriate to tell a bit about story... so you know where I am coming....what I've gone through... and where I'm going.

Of course this is a monumental task so I will take it one blog entry at a time. And no won't be able to check on a certain day for another chapter of my story because this blog is going to be purely random. Why set myself up being late with my blog entry on a certain day? And at the same time the labels will keep it all organized. I love it!

I'm not even going to start with this entry except to say that if you have stories of your life that you are keeping to yourself I will encourage you to share them. If you can't find it in you to write them down than tell them again and again as they did in the past because although you may get teased for repeating the same story it will be only those that you repeated that will be remembered when you are no longer around.

I will probably start my first entry before I came on the scene and the only reason I am able to do this is that while the pages of the journal I gave my Grandma remained empty I took the time to sit by her worn out red plush chair to listen to her tell the stories of her childhood ....her sitting on the ground, eating her meal off a large banana leaf in a far off country......

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cozi Up and Start to Fly!

Each new year I always look for some new way to help me to be more organized.. This year it has come in the format of Cozi at It is an online calendar, list keeper that helps all the members of the family stay up to date with everyone's appointments etc. as well as a very simple format to jot down special moments with a photo in a Family Journal. I would highly recommend it to start your new year off! It was a recent link that was added to Fly Lady which I would also recommend to any of you who are the creative unorganized type who would like to make little steps towards changing.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspirational Start

Searching, sorting, stressing has been a part of my creative random ways for years. Stacks of books, piles of papers and slips of inspiration that I could never throw away because I might use it one day...or maybe finish it.....or want to share it to inspire someone else. After years of frustration and taking small steps to make my home and life more streamlined, I was hit with the realization of how a blog was designed especially for me. Do you know of another endeavour that once started is never meant to be finished.? A place where you can record precious ideas, thoughts, recipes and not have to search for it when you need it? A place where you can't really be late?

We all go through times in our life when we need encouragement: a word, a thought , an idea that will spark us to try something new... to change... to improve. My hope and prayer through this blog is to "Inspire" you... to inspire the parent who is teaching their child at home or the parent who finds themselves advocating for their child who attends inspire you to persevere through times when you need more than just your own strength to rely on ...and to inspire you to take small steps towards doing something you think would make you or someone you know a better person.

I could not begin this bog without saying thank you to a special person who has inspired me with her blog Notes From the Cookie Jar at ....thanks Karen!