Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Push from Pressure

By now I'm sure that my few followers must have figured out that I've been captured once again by the "Twins". But nothing like a push from another pesky sibling called "Pressure"! If my blog is going on a list of "blogs to follow" on the Heritage Christian Online Newsletter I better get my act together!

I still feel like I am at the beginning and so I will take the time to tell you a little about my educational background.
When I look back over my years of education - graduating from high school in 100 Mile House - starting post secondary studies at Douglas College and finishing with a Bachelor of Education at Simon Fraser University - I am amazed at how God totally directed my schooling in light of where I find myself today.

Soon to begin my third year with HCOS as a Learning Services Consultant I cannot be more thankful for my choices of undergrad studies: Psychology, Biology, and Education with a focus in Learning Disabilities. Combining almost 20 years experience including a few years as a full time classroom teacher, multiple job shares in Learning Assistance , Special Ed and regular classes together with various tutoring jobs over the years I feel that many mysteries and frustrations along the way are finally starting to make sense.

I once heard Susan Wise Bauer give the advice to just "keep turning the page" in a story with a complicated plot line and confusing characters because you will be rewarded with an awesome read by persevering through a challenging book when it all makes sense two thirds of the way through. In many ways I wish I could turn back the pages of time in order to help some of the students I worked with years ago by using some of the cutting edge strategies that are beginning to change the way we are helping students with learning challenges today. But "no regrets" is another phrase floating around out there that I'm determined to remember and to just do my best reaching the kids that I encounter now.

As a homeschool Mom of three myself I can't think of a better job than to come along side other homeschool moms and their HCOS support teachers to uncover the gifts of their children by helping them understand the learning needs of their child. For years I approached learning challenges through tutoring but over the past several years I am very excited to have taken a dive into the trail blazing...or should I say "pathway building" world of neuroscience and braintraining!